Software developer living and working in London, England.


Currently working for Metaswitch Networks.

25 years experience in low-level, high-performance, low-latency software development:

  • graphics adapter device drivers
  • low-level networking software
  • remote control and application sharing software
  • telephone media gateway design and implementation
    • lead developer for 3 generations of telephone Universal Media Gateways
    • high-reliability, fault-tolerant, carrier-class software and hardware development
    • multicore, multi-threaded control processors
    • high-performance network processor implementation
    • large DSP farms (up to 180 cores)
    • hardware device drivers
    • bleeding-edge hardware integration and debugging
    • embedded system diagnostics – collection and display
    • Python test frameworks


Currently eagerly awaiting my Oculus Rift developer kit so I can integrate it with my Unity Solar System simulator and fly to the Moon!

Why bluntbody?

You have to admire brilliant unconventional solutions to difficult problems.



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