Celebrating Cosmonautics Day!

Yes, yes… a bit belated I know (Cosmonautics Day is April 12), but I only just came across this great pic from Subatomic Tourism.

Nice to see that his re-entry vehicle has a blunt body!


Oculus Rift – Skyrim

More vicarious thrills as Cymatic Bruce tries out the Oculus Rift with Skyrim.

He’s been super-busy this week testing various titles, but this is my favourite report. Love the running commentary.

Keep up the great work Bruce!

How the eye functions

I have been reading up on head-mounted display (HMD) optics, and over at VRtifacts I came across these marvellous educational videos from 1941.

No-nonsense explanations along with great diagrams/animations.

Cathode – Vintage Terminal

A very authentic vintage terminal emulator for OSX. Strictly for computer geeks.

This brings back some memories.

Immerse yourself and disregard thirty years of user interface progress.

I love the sound effects on input and output. Genius.


Drop an image on it for instant ASCII-art…


First Orbit

Fabulous original footage at the start of this film.

The Vostok is such a proper looking rocket.



See here for more details about the film.

Build your own Oculus Rift-style HMD

Great guide to building your own Rift-like display by Rod Furlan at BitCortex

Build your own Oculus Rift-style HMD

There are more details on this MTBS thread.

If you are interested in DIY HMD, then also check out the FOV2GO project.

Oculus Rift teardown (iFixit)

The iFixit guys do a full Rift teardown with lovely photos and a pretty comprehensive component list.

Oculus Rift teardown (iFixit)

Oculus Rift first impressions

Nice first impressions video from Cymatic Bruce.

Oculus Rift teardown

A couple of adventurous/foolhardy guys pull their brand new Rift to bits.

Do not try this at home.

The bit where they lever out the LCD display made me wince…

For the record, the display is an Innomedia HJ070IA-2D:


Unofficial Oculus Rift order tracker

Unofficial Oculus Rift order tracker

My order number is 46170, so according to this I’m looking at a shipping date around end May…