Oculus Rift first impressions (doc-ok.org)

A top quality Oculus Rift first impressions review here by Oliver Kreylos, a very smart and experienced VR/3D developer.

It is interesting to note how highly he rates the Rift lenses. I have been surprised at how much people have written about the display and head-tracker compared to how little has been written about the optics. The very wide field-of-view (FOV) is the key factor that provides the immersion that makes the Rift stand out from other low cost HMDs – similar FOVs were previously only available in high-end systems. To get such good optical performance in such a low cost device is a major achievement.

It is definitely worth spending time looking through his blog and YouTube channel and homepage.

You may well have seen his cool Kinect hack from a couple of years ago (it has had 2.5 million views!).

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